Pietro Ballestrero

Pietro Ballestrero Jazz Guitar Player & ComposerPietro Ballestrero Guitar player & composer Ballestrero Franciscone Pala trio

"Pietro Ballestrero's music is able to free us from superfuous, by offering, through its openness, explanations, certainties, sweetness and pleasure" JAZZITALIA

Latest News

11/11 Ballestrero Mella duo @ Molo di Lilith

Sunday, november 11th MOLO DI LILITH Pietro Ballestrero  guitars Aldo Mella    bass WORKSHOP  from 4 till 7 pm CONCERT  9.30 pm info about...

27/10 Pietro Ballestrero solo @ Dopotutto

Saturday october 5th, 9.30pm DOPOTUTTO, Via Montenero 4, Avigliana (To) Pietro Ballestrero  classical and acoustic guitars, loop station   Free entrance, with ARCI card.

19/10 Alberto Varaldo Omnisphere trio

Friday october 19th, 10pm PIAZZA DEI MESTIERI “I suoni della piazza” Alberto Varaldo   chromatic harmonica Pietro Ballestrero   acoustic guitars Stefano Profeta    double bass...

Latest Records

ROOTS, featuring Achille Succi

KYRA, featuring Gabriele Mirabassi's clarinet and string quintet